Enrolment Information

​​Our mission at Holy Spirit School is to provide a holistic education, synthesising the Catholic faith, human life and culture for children with Christian values being central to the process. To enable the Catholicity of the school to be maintained sufficient numbers of the school community should be Catholic.

A clear commitment to the ethos of the school is essential for all wishing to enrol. The school will be open and welcoming to all who wish to join it, providing it has the capacity to cater for the needs of the student.
The school has a vital role in the life of the parish and its ongoing development. Attending Holy Spirit School is regarded as integral to the faith development of young Catholics and their families.

Where vacancies exist, enrolment preference will be given to the children of:
1. Families who already belong to the school community.
2. Catholic families who belong Holy Spirit Parish community.
3. Other Catholic families.
4. Other families who value the Catholic ethos of our school.
Enrolment Policy Guidelines Implementation
The principal will determine the availability of a vacancy.
Enrolment Age
To be eligible for Prep 202​4 children need to have turned 5 by 30 June 2019​​​. A child's birth certificate and baptismal certificate must be presented at the time of enrolment.
Enrolment Applications
 It may be necessary to use the date of application to assess applications of equal merit.
The submission of an Enrolment Form indicates the intention of parents to support school policies and policy guidelines.

No enrolment is accepted until an interview with the school authorities takes place, and it is evident that the policy requirements are fulfilled. Following the interview a placement will or will not be offered, upon negotiation with the parents.

Access the Online Enrolment Form via this site.

Children with Special Needs
Enrolment of children with special needs will be processed according to guidelines established by Brisbane Catholic Education.