Student Leadership

Our Year 6 student leaders play an important part in the life of the school. As leaders in the school it is their role to help make Holy Spirit the best school it can be.

All of the students in Year 6 are seen as leaders and form into 4 committees which are the same focus areas staff and parents use in the school renewal process. This allows the staff, parents and students to be aligned in making our school the best it possibly can be.

The student ministries are:

  • Organisation
  • Community
  • Faith
  • Curriculum

The student leader’s role is to regularly meet in their ministry groups, participate in student forums and implement their proposals into the life of the school.

Becoming a leader does not come naturally to many of us, it is something that needs to be taught and learnt. Our students have the opportunity to learn many leadership skills and use this in real life situations in the school.

Leadership skills are not just taught to our Year 6 students, all children at Holy Spirit school have the opportunity to be involved in leadership opportunities.​