P&F Association

The Parent & Friends Association

The Parents & Friends Association (P&F) at Holy Spirit School is the heartbeat of our vibrant educational community. Comprising devoted parents and friends, the P&F is dedicated to enriching the school experience for our students and fostering a strong sense of unity.​

At Holy Spirit School, our P&F is a vital link, connecting parents, teachers, students, and school administration. Their unwavering commitment to the school's mission and values is evident in their multifaceted contributions.

The P&F is pivotal in organising fundraisers that fuel the school's growth and support our educational programs. They ensure the school's facilities are safe, well-maintained, and conducive to learning.

Whether it's organising events or supporting teachers and staff, the P&F is dedicated to enhancing the Holy Spirit School experience for everyone involved. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to our school's success make them invaluable to our community.

Latest P&F projects include:

  • Installation of shade sails
  • Replacing air conditioning in the library
  • Purchasing picnic tables throughout the school

P&F Payment Requisition​